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About Us

Milano D & B is a full-service residential and commercial construction company, serving clients throughout the UK with our meticulous approach to quality craftsmanship and interior design. With over 20 years of experience, and a background of construction projects in Italy, our team is passionate about every last detail of our work, using our talents and skills in the construction industry to bring our clients the best experience possible.


Our Services

We’ll make your existing house layout work for you with creative and innovative solutions that drive functionality and boost the value of your home. Each project plan is tailored to fit your space, maximizing both function and flow, while also achieving an end result that is visually stunning and beautiful. Our full refurbishment service is perfect for all types of properties, from homes to investment properties to office buildings. Our professional contractors can refurbish an entire space, or simply a part of it, taking your specific needs into account throughout the planning process. We’ll take your outdated space and modernize it with luxurious design elements, including any room or your home, workspace, or basement.

Whether you need a dedicated home office, more sleeping space, or a playroom for the kids, we’ll help you create the space you need with our loft conversion services. There are also unconventional ways to create additional room for your family and friends, including turning an unused attic into a bedroom, living room, or office. We are always creating innovative solutions to solve space challenges, and by adding ceilings, insulation, and floor reinforcements, we can turn many unused spaces into safe and functional spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

A house extension can take your existing home and turn it into your dream home, with plenty of space for family, friends, and even in-laws. We’ll work with you on a custom-designed plan to work with, not against, your home’s existing features and layout to provide a seamless flow. You can choose to add a garage, increase the size of a living room or bathroom, add a full addition to your home, and more. There are many ways to add square footage to your home, and at Milano, we have the experience to recommend the best solutions to give you the extra space you need.

Our Projects

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We have generated our exceptional reputation through taking a clients vision and translating it into reality. Our success comes from our three-in-one in-house expertise with a prime objective of adding value to the property.